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HVAC StarPlus offers advanced equipment control, monitoring and alarming capabilities.  The in-house developed StarGazer platform provides for advanced monitoring and alarming of critical customer equipment.  Sensors are applied to measure critical operating conditions (temperature, on/off status. etc.).  The data is sent to the "cloud" where it is stored and compared against defined alert points.  If alert conditions arise, SMS (text) messages and/or email messages are sent to designated personnel.  The StarGazer platform currently logs well over a quarter million data points per day at key customer sites.

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HVAC StarPlus manages projects as they should be through proper upfront needs assessment, planning and execution.  We provide accountability and responsibility for the design, installation of new and retrofit equipment.

  • Replacements
  • Design
  • Retrofit
  • Project Management
  • System Evaluation
  • Capital Planning

Energy savings results are an integrated part of our service and maintenance programs. We take a comprehensive and yet practical approach to energy conservation through the continual monitoring of equipment performance and energy usage.   We are able to provide budget-conscious energy metering, reporting and analytic solutions for customers who are interested in establishing an accurate and in-depth understanding of their energy usage.  By providing operational analysis information, on-going recommendations and proven solutions, we are able to help our customers use energy efficiently.  We have partnered with Ecobee in order to provide state-of-the-art Internet-based thermostats.  We are currently evaluating EKM Metering as a cost-effective and value-added electric metering solution.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Continuing Education
  • Energy Professional Certifications

Proper HVAC System Maintenance is an important part of your facility care and management. We strive to optimize energy efficiency and increase your equipment life while reducing your operating costs. Our primary objective is to prevent, predict and solve potential problems before they result in costly equipment failure.

  • Full Service Programs
  • Labor Inclusive Programs
  • Standard PM Programs
  • Customized PM Programs
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