HVAC StarPlus offers advanced equipment control, monitoring and alarming capabilities.  The in-house developed StarGazer platform provides for advanced monitoring and alarming of critical customer equipment.  Sensors are applied to measure critical operating conditions (temperature, on/off status. etc.).  The data is sent to the "cloud" where it is stored and compared against defined alert points.  If alert conditions arise, SMS (text) messages and/or email messages are sent to designated personnel.  The StarGazer platform currently logs well over a quarter million data points per day at key customer sites.

The StarGazer offering is built upon state-of-the-art micro controller technology.  A strategic partnership has been established with GroveStreams to provide HVAC StarPlus customers a state-of-the-art equipment monitoring and analysis tool.  Data is uploaded (typically, once per minute) to the GroveStreams cloud servers either via the local site network infrastructure or a secure cellular connection.  Once it's on the cloud, data is available in a graphical format for customer review on demand.  Typically, twenty four hours of data is graphed, but all uploaded data is permanently stored for subsequent downloading for local analysis.

We are currently deploying our 12th generation of the StarGazer platform and continue to evaluate technology in order to be prepared to move on to our next generation.

The Star family of technology is evolving beyond the StarGazer.  We now offer StarGuard, a HVAC condenser theft deterrent system, StarMonitor, a HVAC performance monitoring system and  StarControl which provides for remote control of equipment.  Since this technology was developed in-house, we are able to customize it to fit our customers' needs.

Micro controller data acquisitionCloud storage, graphing and analysis

cloud-based equipment monitoring

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